The Pressure Is On: Freshman Ashley Myers wins girls golf regionals and places 10th at state


Mary-Kathryn Wert

As a freshman, Ashley Myers won regionals and placed 10th at 4A state. “I definitely see now why people told me to practice so much every day after school, because it has paid off,” Myers said.

Emma Lazarczyk, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Setting a pace for the next three years, freshman Ashley Myers took first at the 4A girls golf regional tournament and carried the winning momentum into her play at state, where she placed 10th.

At the age of 3, Myers picked up a golf club for the first time. According to Myers, even with her lifelong training, playing for hours every day for the school team challenged her.

“It feels really good [winning regionals], because this season has been a lot,” Myers said. “I have never played this much, and I definitely see now why people told me to practice so much every day after school, because it has paid off.”

Myers said she anticipated performing well at regionals, but taking first out of all the top girls in the region was more than she expected.

“I was just completely shocked,” Myers said. “I did not think that I was going to place very high, because there are some really good girls and the course wasn’t the best. My initial thought was, ‘How did that happen?”

Alongside Myers, junior Evie McBride qualified for state, which took place on Oct. 17-18 in Emporia. Myers carried her drive with her at state and placed 10th overall.

“I was a little nervous, because there were a lot better girls at state than regionals,” Myers said. “I didn’t really know how I was going to do.”

Not only did Myers gain a medal, she also gained motivation to take into her next season with her.

“Watching everyone else play so well at state made me see I really have to focus on how I play,” Myers said. “I think it will help me out next year, because more people will know me and not feel intimidated, but they will probably try hard which will push me to do better.”

For Myers, this is only the beginning of her high school golf career as she hopes to only grow as a competitor from here.

“I will keep playing over the summer, and keep working out — just really focus on my higher-standard goals for next season,” Myers said. “I’m going to have to try harder next year, because I know there will be girls trying their hardest too.”