A New Start: Percy Jackson fans are excited for the new series getting a revamp on Disney+

Disney+ is planning to adapt the Percy Jackson Series, so fans are taking another look at the books.

Cody Israel

Disney+ is planning to adapt the Percy Jackson Series, so fans are taking another look at the books.

Cody Israel, Contributor


11,102 pages are in the Percy Jackson series, spread out over five different books that Percy Jackson fans will be reading before the new show comes out on Disney+.

With the announcement of the new show, many Percy Jackson fans are re-reading the series in excitement for the new show.

Many fans love Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series, but there are some problems with the overall message.

The series takes place in America because Chiron, the primary mentor of the book, says the gods move with the Heart of the West. In the first book, we see Percy Jackson and his friends, Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood. Percy and Annabeth are both demigods, Annabeth the daughter of Athena, and Percy the son of Poseidon. Grover is a satyr, a half-goat, half-man, who is tasked with the job of taking care of Percy.

Throughout the book, the trio goes around fighting monsters and working to return Zeus’ lightning bolt which was stolen. They travel to many famous American cities and monuments, including the St. Louis Arch, a Las Vegas Casino and the Empire State Building.

One of the problems with the main storyline of the book is how it portrayed the Greek gods as other religions too.

In the book, since it says that the gods move with the Heart of the West, it is implied that Greek culture is not Greek at all. It is said that the gods became Roman gods, Norse gods and many others that are not Greek.

The book also places Mt. Olympus in America, right over the Empire State Building, which means that the gods were now American and that the other gods or the people’s mythology were not valid.

On a good note, however, the main story of the book was written very well because it was immersive and one of the best series by Rick Riordan.

The characters are relatable, like Percy Jackson, who lived an almost normal life until his teacher tries to kill him.

The story was written in a way where people could believe that everything in the book was real because of something mentioned in the book called “The Mist”. The Mist made it so that normal people couldn’t see the things that were happening in front of them. The book uses this to explain why no one could see what was happening to Percy and their friends.

Something that makes Percy Jackson different from any of the other mythology books, is the way that Riordan uses storytelling to help you learn about Greek mythology while also entertaining the reader with an immersive storyline and a narrator who talks to the reader. With the story, we follow Percy and his adventures fighting monsters and meeting new people, and finding out who his friends are and aren’t while facing much adversity and new challenges that arise along the way.

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone with a heart for Greek mythology and people who have read Rick Riordan before should check this series out. I would give this book 4.5 stars because the story is really good, but the message that the book is telling us is not something people should see because it undermines Greek culture.