Out of the world: Ocean Prime restaurant is definitely something worth trying


Kim Valdivia

Sophomore Grace Valdivia poses with her aunt who works at Ocean Prime on the Plaza.

Grace Valdivia, Contributor

I knew they had a nationally acclaimed title, but when I finished eating at Ocean Prime, I could see why. Hearing about this restaurant and everything it had on the menu made me really excited to try it. I first heard about Ocean Prime from my aunt, who actually works there. Picking this restaurant was an easy decision only because I have heard such great things about it. I was fortunate enough to be able to celebrate my birthday with this amazing food and atmosphere.

When walking into Ocean Prime you are immediately greeted with a welcome by all the hostesses and seated. The restaurant is vibrant but still calm enough to have nice conversations where everyone can hear each other with ease. As soon as we got to the table we were presented with a little snack, that consisted of some truffle popcorn which is now my favorite type of popcorn. The service there was great and people were always making sure we were taken care of. The bartenders even had a way of making a cool and fun drink that I could enjoy. We started off with appetizers and got the prime roll and a caesar salad. The prime roll was nothing like any other sushi roll I have ever had. It had the right amount of everything. The main thing I liked about this roll is it sat so easy on your stomach which made it the perfect appetizer. The caesar salad was nothing really special, but don’t get me wrong it was still really good, just nothing special.

With the help of our server letting us know about all the specials and what’s best on the menu we were finally ready to order our main courses. I got the 10 OZ filet mignon with a side of roasted brussel sprouts and black truffle mac and cheese. This food seriously took my breath away. The steak was easy to cut, chew, and it melted in my mouth like butter. It was seasoned to perfection and was the perfect amount of food. It is definitely in my top three of best steaks I have ever had. The roasted brussel sprouts were probably my least favorite thing I ate there. They were still good, but I prefer my brussel sprouts to be a bit more crispy than what they were. The black truffle mac and cheese was to die for. It was the perfect amount of rich and creamy. It also melted in my mouth just like butter. Everything I ate there sat on my stomach really well which I appreciated.

I believe that the atmosphere and the way places make people feel is definitely one of the key factors in why people enjoy their meals so much. Ocean Prime had an incredible atmosphere that made me enjoy my delicious meal a little more. They do a really good job of making their customers feel like they are wanted there. Ocean Prime also offers an upstairs bar called the Prime Social. From the little time that I went up there I saw a lot of incredible things that contribute to their amazing atmosphere. The best thing about it is the view of downtown Kansas City it gives you. Another cool thing about it is the fun drinks they offer. This may sound weird but the type of furniture they put up there gave the whole bar a cool, lounge, relaxed type of vibe. I would definitely rate this atmosphere a 10/10.

After reflecting on my experience at Ocean Prime, I can definitely say I loved it. Everything about this restaurant was 100% enjoyable. I would definitely recommend Ocean Prime to anyone. I think it’s a very versatile restaurant that anyone can find a way to enjoy. Ocean Prime is very deserving of a 5 star review.