A Herdsgiving to November: Students and teachers gather to eat for new event


Matthew Morris

Bohaty members partake in Herdsgiving. The herd chose to be in the gym for the event, while other herds used faith family rooms.

Matthew Morris, Contributor

In its first year, Herdsgiving brought together students and teachers alike bringing them closer to one another with good food and fun games. 

Students nor teachers knew what to expect from the event called “Herdsgiving” that the staff had announced but faith families joined together and enjoyed good food and games.

 “I think it’s a neat idea and a lot of kids brought in food which is good,” history teacher Daniel Gemmill said. 

The first step that students took in preparation for Herdsgiving was food. Students from each herd and faith family needed to bring some food from home for everyone to eat at Herdsgiving.

 “It’s going to be an interesting experience,” said Wyatt Owen before Herdsgiving began. “I haven’t ever done anything like this before.” 

The staff had been hyping it up and many students and teachers alike were anticipating the food that people had brought.

 “I’m a huge pumpkin pie fan,” physics teacher Scott Anderson said. 

After all the food that had been brought the school was practically flooding with the smells of pies and soda.

“I’m excited to drink this apple cider,” Owen said. 

People had brought a wide variety of meals, ranging from a small box of pop tarts to a whole tray of sandwiches. 

“The desserts were really great,” Ike McKee said.

 Sweet treats lined the tables as well like powdered doughnuts, Dr. Pepper and marshmallows.

 “I think it will be fun to socialize because we don’t ever get too much time every day to see people,” McKee said. 

But most of all, the aspect of Herdsgiving people seemed to enjoy the most was being able to hang out and spend time with their friends.

 “Any time you can see folks that don’t get the chance to talk to one another, that can get together for a little bit outside of school,” Anderson said.

Cheer and laughter filled the halls as everyone ate and talked with their friends, and soon the games began.

 “The hospitality of working together is good especially because mostly around this time it’s about competition and this is a day of unity,” Gemmill said. 

The gym floor was covered in a wide variety of games like spike ball, variations of tetherball, everything involving kicking a ball.

“It’s been a good unity thing,” Gemmill said.