Freshman on Varsity Cheer: Mairin Putnam prepares for a new season after competing at state competition

Mairin Putnam prepares for a new season after competing at state competition


Courtesy of Mairin Putnam

Mairin Putnam, one of two freshman on varsity cheer, prepares for a new season with her team

Bella Dessert, Contributor

For freshman Mairin Putnam, blasting music during rides from her senior buddy, Ava Fortin, were a highlight of her first cheer season. 

After making varsity cheer as a freshman, Putnam prepares for the chilly winter sports season. Following state competition a few weeks before, she transitioned with her team into basketball season after many hours of practice. 

“We would have practice for two to three hours,” Putnam said. “It was a lot of preparing and trying to figure out what would make us look best.”

According to Putnam, competing at state was very nerve-wracking, but it ended up paying off when the team placed sixth overall. 

“I didn’t want to let anyone down, and I wanted to make sure that I was good,” Putnam said.

Although she is one of two freshmen on the team, there are students of all ages on cheer.

“Having different grades makes it better because if we had only one grade then it would be very cliquey,” sophomore Sammie Sutherland said. 

According to Sutherland, upperclassmen welcome the freshmen in and make sure they feel comfortable and accepted. 

“Everyone was super welcoming and helped me with anything I needed help with,” Putnam said. “I felt like we were all one team and one whole.” 

One senior in particular helped Putnam out as she adjusted to a new school and cheer team. 

“Ava Fortin really welcomed me with open arms,” Putnam said. “She made the experience better and helped me whenever I needed it. She was always there for me and gave me advice from past experiences from state.”

According to Putnam, the coaches Ashley Meier and Taryn Frank were the team’s biggest supporters.

“Overall, the coaches were really supportive,” Putnam said. “During the week of state they gave us a present each day. When we were crying at state, they understood and helped us through it.”

Competing at state calls for extra practice and devotion from each student.

“The seniors would give us pep talks and talk about their past experiences,” Putnam said.

Putnam came from a background of dance in styles such as ballet and jazz. 

“Since Marin came from being a dancer to cheer, she’s very coordinated,” Sutherland said. “When she got moved up to be in state, it made an impact on the team because she has a really bright, positive personality.”

She has been in dance since she was three and it has been a large part of her life.

“It just didn’t interest me anymore,” Putnam said. “I’ve known some of the cheerleaders at Bishop Miege, and they liked the experience overall. I like cheering people on, so I thought it sounded fun.” 

According to Sutherland, the girls ensure that the bond and friendships on the team are tight and secure, especially with freshmen.

“The community was just really warm, and super welcoming,” Putnam said.