Olson in Action: Student athlete learns to balance her hectic life of sports


Courtesy of Ali Olson.

Ali Olson takes team pictures for both basketball and volleyball as she prepares for the season.

Kirston Verhulst, Contributor

From early morning workouts to late night practice, from rushed homework assignments to mental breakdowns – a day in the life of Ali Olson is packed with events from the start of the day to the end. 

According to Olson, her best way of keeping track of all her events is by keeping a calendar in her room. She says this helps her balance her sports and her school work, and it helps take a little bit of stress off her because she knows what’s planned ahead of time.

“It’s been pretty bad,” Olson said. “I’ve learned how to manage my time a lot better and usually I just do my homework during school.”

Olson talked about her injuries throughout the volleyball season and how there wasn’t time for her to take a break. She said that she felt that it was her responsibility and she didn’t want to let the team down because she couldn’t uphold her duties.

“It really hurt my body because right before our first game at the Slam, I kind of tripped over my own feet and sprained my ankle pretty badly,” Olson said. “I didn’t have the time to sit out.”

According to Olson she took the opportunity her senior year to play basketball. Her family had always wanted her to play and many friends were encouraging her to play.

“A lot of pure pressure,” Olson said. “Everyone’s always wanted me to play for the school and my volleyball schedule got changed this year, so I can go to more games.”

Olson said she encourages young athletes to continue working hard in their sport and to not hold back on playing other ones. She said there are opportunities to gain from playing sports and many relationships are made.

“It pays off and you’ll miss the season as soon as it’s over,” Olson said. “Do as much as you can because you’ll make a lot of friends throughout your time playing.”