A Fresh Start: Freshman finds her place in a new environment


Caitlin Griffin

Freshman Kate Nicely and her friends celebrate after the color run.

Kate Nicely, Contributor

For high school my parents decided to move me from the public middle school I used to go to to Bishop Miege. It took me a little bit to get used to the different traditions and rules, but eventually I got the hang of it. 

The end of summer was coming faster than I thought, and school was starting up again soon. The transition wasn’t as nerve-racking for me because both of my brothers and my cousins went to Miege so I had a little idea of what to expect, but it was still a new experience to me.

At orientation I wanted to stay close to my parents, but eventually there was an activity where all of the freshmen had to go down and congregate at the gym. I was terrified, but I found a girl who was a family friend of ours. 

Though I have never met her before this, I loved her bubbly personality and we clicked. After we hung around for a bit she walked up to these other two girls who I ended up sticking with for the rest of the night. Little did I know, those would be my best friends and they would help me through the scary first weeks of this new chapter in our lives.

We ended up hanging out before school started, it felt so good knowing that I had friends and I wasn’t going into this completely alone. 

The first day of “school,” though there wasn’t much in the way of academics, was full of games, fun and school spirit. The school did an amazing job of making me feel comfortable so quickly. The next few days weren’t too bad either. They just showed us the ropes of each class. 

The uniform and rules took some getting used to, but it didn’t take long to feel comfortable with everything and develop a routine. 

Miege was really good at helping me make friends with the herd system, which already offers a group of people to bond with. Inside the herd there are faith families, which gives me an even smaller group of people, and they find ways to encourage me to find friends I can rely on. 

They also are really good at giving anyone the extra help I need with school work. When I’m struggling with my Chromebook or just need a place to quietly do my work, I like to walk to the Media Center. While I’m there, I can get any extra help I may need with my work. 

 I am looking forward to the rest of the years I have at Miege and all of the opportunities I am going to have and the people I am going to meet.