Evolution of the UGG: Boots are back in style, but in a different form.


Elaina Gibson

This year, students have widely popularized the UGG boot.

Elaina Gibson, Staff Writer

As freshman Thalia Bernal walks down the halls she looks around to see other students with similar mini UGG boots, keeping their feet warm and comfy as they return in popularity.

First introduced in the 1970s and heavily popularized in the mid-2000s, UGG boots are now back in style as they are in the closets of many teens. English and social studies teacher Maggie Verschelden took part in the UGG boot trend when she was in high school, but they looked different from the current popular boot style.

“When I was in high school from 2007 to 2011 the boots were taller so they came mid-way up your calf, as opposed to now where they only go up to your ankle,” Verschelden said.

According to Verschelden, something that drives people to buy UGG boots is comfort. She said their popularity stems from the fact that they keep people’s feet nice and warm during the winter. 

“I love that they are really easy to slip on, and I can wear them to school, especially with the winter season,” junior Bianca Bair said. “The first day it got chilly I threw my UGGs on, and I knew I would be wearing them the rest of the season.”

Bernal grew up wearing UGGs and recently bought herself a pair. On average the boots cost around $140. Despite the expensive price, she thinks they are worth it. 

“The price is okay because they are really good quality, and you can wear them for years if you keep them in good condition,” Bernal said.

Bair likes the taller boot because she doesn’t know how functional they would be in winter and the outdoors.

“The one thing I do worry about is that sometimes you can get water stains on them, but if you take pretty good care of them, and don’t wear them as snow boots, but as comfy shoes you will be totally fine,” Bair said.

Even though the boots are trending, junior Jude Ferraro thinks they are a waste of money and that other kinds of boots are available for much cheaper.

“I don’t understand why someone would spend all that money on a pair of hard-soled slippers just because they are in style,” Ferraro said. 

Ferraro claims the UGG brand will get to its peak popularity and then eventually go out of style again. But, others like Bernal and Bair hope the UGG trend will stay in style because of how comfortable they are and hope to keep wearing them in the future. 

“When I heard people start talking about UGGs coming back into style, and I got some for Christmas, I thought, ‘Wow, it has come full circle,’” Verschelden said.