Leading the Pack: Juniors attend Kairos to head senior year retreats


Courtesy Photo

Arms around each other, the Kairos 75 group pose for the tradtional Kairos photo on Aug. 7. This retreat was led by the students that attended the junior Kairos the school year before.

Jamie Weiss, Staff Writer

While sitting in AP U.S. History, junior River Ball received a surprising knock on the door from Campus Ministry director Bill Creach, who called her into the hallway. He handed Ball an invitation, asking her to be one of few juniors able to go on a Kairos retreat.

While Kairos is usually reserved for exclusively seniors, a group of six juniors received the opportunity to attend Kairos from Feb. 2nd to 4th. One member of the select group is Ball.

“My initial reaction was, ‘Whoa! I would not expect to be picked for something like this’,” Ball said. “It is a really prestigious thing.” 

Attending this retreat will allow these students to lead one over the first retreat of their senior year. Senior Elizabeth Benes took this opportunity as a junior and said she really loved the experience. 

“When I was reflecting on and talking during Kairos, I looked back on my life and thought about when I was in eighth grade,” Benes said. “I could never have imagined myself going in the first place, let alone lead it. It is really nice to look back and see how much I have grown.”

Another student attending this retreat is junior Patrick Watson, who said he feels the opportunity was totally unexpected. 

“Initially, I was pretty surprised, because they keep it a relatively secret thing, and I did not even know they took juniors on it,” Watson said.

Having taken other leadership experiences throughout her life, Ball said she wants to take this chance to learn more about herself.  

“I am told that not only is it going to help me grow closer to others, but it will also help me grow closer to my true self,” Ball said. “I am really excited to explore that different side.”

Along with spending time with friends and learning about leadership, Watson also wants to use this opportunity to grow in another way.

“If it is spiritual, I really hope that I will be able to grow closer to God,” Watson said. “[With leadership] I feel like if I am in control, less can go wrong and if I do not know what is going on I can ask people for help.”

The other four juniors attending include: Rocco Marrello, Kate Pedrotti, Grace Vanice and Sydney Ward. They will lead the August retreat, and Benes said she recommends everyone go on a Kairos retreat sometime.

“If you are quiet or if you are outgoing, you should go because no matter what you will love it,” Benes said. “Whatever you put in it, you will take out of it. If you do not love it, I will give you a refund.”