The Want to Hunt: Sophomore Gabby Gallaher finds joy in hunting


Alena Gillespie

Sophomore Gabby Gallaher poses for the camera. Gallaher has hunted for years, typically going with her father. “My dad would always take me hunting when I was little so I started when I was young,” Gallaher said.

Alena Gillespie, Web Editor-in-Chief

The 3 a.m. alarm rings as the sky is pitch black with chilling, brisk air. Sophomore Gabby Gallaher bundles in her leggings, sweatpants, hoodie, gloves, hat, orange vest and hunting bib as she and her dad climb into their car to start their day of hunting. 

Gallaher’s father introduced her to hunting at a young age. When on the land, they stay in their spot if they do not have their hunting blind up. 

“This November, we just sat on the ground and waited until something came along and killed it,” Gallaher said. 

According to Gallaher, November is the best month for hunting and she does most of her hunting of deer and turkey in Tonganoxie, KS. 

“We used to have land, but now we hunt at my dad’s friend’s property,” Gallaher said. 

After a successful day of hunting, Gallaher keeps the skulls and antlers as well as takes her kill to the butcher shop to get the meat.  

“It’s quiet and peaceful in a way since you are out in nature,” Gallaher said.