From the Sideline: Student broadcaster takes career to the next step


Emma Lazarczyk

Growing up, junior Daniel Sullivan could be found sitting in front of the TV announcing the plays during a football game. For 6-year-old Sullivan, broadcasting was a dream, but now, it is becoming a reality. “I knew it was something I wanted to do when I was older and realized no one was doing it here,” Sullivan said.

Emma Lazarczyk, Co Editor-in-Chief

As junior Daniel Sullivan’s voice fills the stadium, students in the bleachers lock eyes on the field and the bench jumps to their feet when senior Xander Christian sends the soccer ball up the left side of the field.

Sullivan began announcing gaming events at Miege in hopes of one day working for ESPN. 

“I got into it [broadcasting] when I was a kid,” Sullivan said. “ I would sit in front of the TV and pretend like I was announcing the game.”

As he grew older, Sullivan realized that broadcasting was not just a childhood memory and began to take action to create a future for himself in sports media.

“I realized no one was doing it [broadcasting] here, so I kind of started it on my own,” Sullivan said. “It has evolved pretty nicely.“

To help boost his career, Sullivan began working professionally with 810 Varsity over six months ago where he is able to gain an even more hands-on experience in the broadcasting world.

“I broadcast state events and so far have done soccer, volleyball and football,” Sullivan said. “It [preparation for the game] involves emailing the coach and finding a good story angle and using it on air.”

Sullivan hopes the experience he gains now will help create a strong foundation for his career as he continues to one day make his 6-year-old self proud and become an ESPN sports broadcaster.

“During the week leading up there is a lot of harassing coaches to give me something interesting, because you want to build a connection with the audience,” Sullivan said. “Parents are more engaged when you share something you know about their kid.”