Use Your Own Intelligence: Students should avoid the use of AI for assignments

Miegian Editors, Editors

You stare blankly at the screen and force your heavy eyes to stay open as you open up another tedious homework assignment.
As you contemplate whether it is even worth completing the assignment worth 50 points you remember artificial intelligence (AI) is at one’s disposal with a simple search. Why do your own work when there is softwares created to do it for you?
For students, it can be tempting to take the easy way with the use of AI software to complete homework assignments; however, in the long run, finding ways around doing work will only hurt AI users.
After high school and college, you may be hired by a major company and expected to write an article, but due to relying on AI to complete homework assignments, you might feel unable to complete this simple task and face backlash from your boss.
In the real world, AI may not be as easily attained and you may face challenges of engaging and accomplishing your own work.
AI has the advantage of being connected to the vast information space that is the internet.
However, it lacks the most important quality for use in a real world setting —humanity.
Not only should students restrain from using AI for homework, due to the habit hurting them in the real world, but also students should strive to be good digital citizens.
If an AI generates an essay for you, it is not your thoughts, beliefs, or ideas. It is simply not your work.
Similar to essays, when students use AI to generate art based on other artists’ works, they are stealing work but getting the credit for “original” work.
The definition of plagiarism is always changing in our advancing society but one thing is clear — cheating from anything or anyone is not okay.
Students, though AI apps are free and generate an endless amount of searches within seconds, it is not worth using AI for assignments.
Using AI to do your homework is no different than cheating off another person.
The use of AI may be the easy way out now, but it will not be beneficial in the long run.
We, students, are trusted to complete our own assignments and show original thoughts. Together, let’s show academic integrity and honesty by using our own brains for our tasks.