Dutch Nos

Delaney Johnson, Design Editor

Junior Alanah Garcia

When approaching Dutch Bros, junior Alanah Garcia was excited to try the popular chain that she has heard about from friends and family. But after her visit, she found that she much rather prefers getting her caffeine from Herbalife tea shops or Energizing Mission. 

Garcia was stuck waiting in a long line full of impatient customers waiting for their beverage orders the moment she got to the drive-thru. The only positive thing that she left with was the warm kindness that she felt from the workers. 

“The workers seemed to be nice and the environment itself was okay, but the line was way too long for me,” Garcia said. 

After having to wait for an extended period of time and arriving at the order window, Garcia was disappointed by the lack of options presented to her compared to the other places that she frequents. 

“I was expecting something very similar to herbalife tea, but I was surprised when the menu was strictly coffee and Red Bull drinks,” Garcia said. 

Senior Finnegan Stocks

Senior Finnegan Stocks will never be seen in the Dutch Bros drive-thru. Since the opening, Stocks has heard from several friends who have given the chain a try and their reviews have allowed Stocks to form the decision to not even give the chain a try for himself. 

“I’ve heard too many people say that it’s bad, so if I’m being honest I’ve never tried it,” Stocks said. 

One word that was the ultimate turn away from the chain was when a close friend of his described the chain as “disgusting.”

“I was surprised when someone actually said this to me, and it wasn’t just the one time,” Stocks said.

When Stocks gets his coffee he prefers a smaller, cozier feel like the local coffee house Hi Hat Coffee. He thinks the coffee has a much better quality and environment feel that cannot be replicated by larger chains. 

“Hi Hat is really good and it’s local,” Stocks said. “I enjoy going with family and enjoying the feel of the little place.”