You Want A Piece of This: Student reviews different chocolate Easter bunnies


Jamie Weiss

Junior Jamie Weiss reviews and ranks her favorite chocolate Easter bunnies she received during the holiday.

Jamie Weiss, Staff Writer

Every year about a month before Easter, my parents ask me what types of candy I want in my basket. This time around, I wanted something different – something that would satisfy my sweet cravings until I inevitably become bored of eating it. Yes, I am in fact referring to the classic chocolate Easter bunny that only “hops” around once a year.

Not all bunnies are created equally as some are hollow, some are filled with other candy, some are crunchy, and some are smooth and creamy. In order to make this a fair review, I took a single bite out of a few of the most interesting looking bunnies. I chose the best spot, that being the ears. This unfortunately means I now own a multitude of chocolate bunnies with one chunk missing from the ear, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make.

I began my conquest with a 20-ounce hollow chocolate bunny from Hershey’s. I will admit, I was disappointed with this monstrous creation as it did not have any special qualities and just tasted like a regular chocolate bar, but now in an impossible shape to take a bite out of. Of course, it still tasted fine, but I wanted more. It was onto the next bunny.

It would be time for Hershey’s to redeem themselves with the 5-ounce Reese’s filled bunny. I was skeptical at first, as it looked like the ratios would be off and there would be too much filling for a thin layer of chocolate. After I took the bite, I was pleasantly surprised at finding a perfect ratio of peanut butter to chocolate from the very first piece. As I continued my search for the perfect bunny, I knew it would be hard to beat this Reese’s chocolate. I began to look toward another company.

As I mentioned previously, the best part of any bunny is the ears. When I saw the Palmer Bunny Big Ears, I saw a little piece of heaven in that 10 ounce smooth and creamy milk chocolate made up of about 75% ears. The bunny itself was very easy to bite into and was not nearly as messy as the two previous ones and its delightful button eyes and nose (eaten at a separate time) completed the masterpiece. However, there was still something missing to this bunny that I would find in my last of the pieces I would be reviewing.

If you want bang for buck when buying bunnies, I would have to give a glowing recommendation to the Palmer Baby Binks bunny, weighing in at just 2 ounces for only just over $1. This is the perfect basket stuffer as it comes individually wrapped, so you do not have to worry about the mess that comes with the other bunnies. Not to mention, it is also super delicious and, to me at least, the definition of the perfect edible bunny.

I do not usually write reviews. However, this is a topic I feel very strongly about. While you cannot go wrong with whatever bunny you choose, it is clear that while some fall short, others are made for perfection.