Creating the Court: Renovations give gym new look


Stripped bare of its banners, the gymnasium undergoes significant renovations for the 2023-24 school year.

Will Baska, Staff Writer

Though the academic school year is reaching the end, a new beginning looms large – renovations to the gymnasium for the 2023-24 year.

While the end of an era may seem bittersweet, Dean of Students Alex Keith said the renovations build on what Miege tradition is all about.

“Miege’s motto is Nova et Vetera, the New and the Old,” Keith said. “Obviously, there has been great tradition and success in that gym for over 50 years, so the plan is to honor the past but embrace the future.”

 Renovations include new volleyball nets, new bleachers, a complete refinish and painting of the floor, new HVAC system, refinished trophy cases and refurbished floor in the foyer, along with other smaller additions.

“I am really excited about the new bleachers,” junior Ralph Klem said. “It’s a major improvement because everything seemed a bit outdated. It’s a luxury and a move in the right direction.”

While the additions will undeniably have an effect on the younger portion of the student body, senior Julien Copeland said he regrets the renovations not coming sooner.

“I really wish they could have come when we were younger,” Copeland said. “It’s a bit sad as we are leaving, but someone had to be in this class.”

Still, Copeland has a strong opinion on the best addition to the gymnasium.

“The lighting is going to make a huge difference,” Copeland said “It really improves the look of the entire place.”

While the renovations are largely aesthetic based, the practical form of the revamp intends to benefit community athletics. There is no place where this is more evident than the addition of new volleyball nets.

“We’ve been needing new nets for a while now, and the old ones were getting worn out,” sophomore right-side hitter Madeline Roberts said.

Though the additions serve their practical purpose, there is also a greater, personal meaning that resonates with the community – memorializing Terry English.

The floor will bear Coach English’s name and signature, an eternal reminder of the success he generated at the site.

As the renovations continue to show in their physical form, Keith said this type of development is the ultimate manifestation of the school’s vision.

“It will demonstrate that Miege strives to build on the legacy of those that came before us by honoring the past,” Keith said. “We hope this renovation is a sign to the outside world that Miege is innovative and plans to make an impact in the world for years to come.”