Faith in Everything: Principal displays her faith through spiritual goods


Mary-Kathryn Wert

As a symbol of her faith, principal Maureen Engen collects and distributes spiritual items.

With a plethora of spiritual goods, principal Maureen Engen gained an affinity for them during her time as a Catholic school teacher and administrator.

Engen often gives out these items to students and faculty on both special occasions and normal school days. According to Engen, most of her collection was gifts from others.

“I think it’s because I have such a devotion to so many saints or I would talk about things that I would all of a sudden get gifts,” Engen said.

A parishioner of Holy Cross parish, Engen said that she owns her Catholic faith, making it easier to share the faith with others. 

“I have just seen in my own life, so many small miracles that have taken place just from the people I need,” Engen said. 

In her tenure at Miege and other schools, she has steadily grown her collection and offers them up to others. Engen said that her display is an important part of showing her faith.

“I really give things to people because I believe in the power of the intercession of saints and the power of Divine Mercy, and I do think people are always looking for a dangling hope and that to me is just a visual symbol of that,” Engen said.