Rost with the Most: Rost herd wins the Ursuline cup


Mary-Kathryn Wert

After winning the Ursuline cup, the Rost herd celebrated with an ice cream truck on May 1.

For the first time in herd history, the Rost herd took the Ursuline cup home as the overall winner on May 1.

At the beginning of students’ freshman year, they are placed in one of the eight herds, all named after past faculty and staff members. Within each of the eight herds, there are four faith families that are led by senior captains and mentors.

This year, the Rost herd won with 182.4 total points accumulated over the school year. Rost herd executive and senior Pablo Montoya Valdez led the herd to victory after coming back from the last place position they were in from last year.

“I knew that the kids in Rost had a lot of potential to win the Cup,” Montoya Valdez said. “It took Rost a while, but I am glad that I was able to lead the herd to a win and celebrate with everyone who made it happen.”

Along with the Rost community being led by Montoya Valdez, senior captains have also worked to create a competitive yet loving environment.

“I am very proud that I helped lead my faith family members and fellow herd members and helped Pablo bring the Ursuline cup home,” Dessert faith family captain senior Griffin Loehr said.

According to Loehr, riding the momentum after wins is what motivated the herd to continue to work hard during competitions.

“It all started when me and Rose [Lenihan] won Circle the Wagon at the beginning of the year,” Loehr said. “That really got everyone’s hopes up.”

Following the wins, Hays faith family captain senior Rose Lenihan witnessed the underclassmen wanting to win as much as the seniors.

“We led by the way we encouraged people who were embarrassed to get up there and told them they could do it,” Lenihan said. “So, I think that helped to get the youngins involved.”

Coming back from eighth place may seem impossible, but having the opportunity to prove everyone wrong is what made winning first so special for freshman Ivana Baca.

“A lot of people were saying Rost was going to lose, so it feels like a comeback,” Baca said. “At the beginning of the year [during the freshman welcome], one of my friends and I played Circle the Wagon, and we won some points for our herd so it felt really nice to help my herd.”

Not only are Rost proud of taking first place this year, but they are even more proud of how they took first by involving as many members as possible.

“What I like most about Rost is that we have people for every competition that we could think of,” Montoya Valez said. “Everyone is unique and helped us win all different types of competitions.”

While the current members of Rost took home the Ursuline Cup, the first thing Lenihan did was celebrate the accomplishment with Rost member alumni.

“We sent videos to Henry Coones and Lissy Falstrom saying, ‘We won this for you’ so it was fun to show them that we could do it,” Lenihan said. 

Even as Lenihan says her final goodbye to the Rost herd, she believes she will always be a part of the community.

“I hope for Rost to still stay close and have that little nerdy side that we all do,” Lenihan said. “I just think that is how Rost is.”

Next year, junior Patrick Meara will take over the Rost executive position and continue to lead the herd through competitions with the other seven herds for the Ursuline cup. 

“Winning the Ursuline Cup is something that not a lot of people can say they have done and accomplished and definitely something to feel good about,” Montoya Valdez said. “Just looking up at the bleachers, walking over with the Cup in my hand and seeing all the excitement and joy was amazing to see.”