Above and Beyond: Senior Harrison Roth awarded Sister Martina Award


Sophia Gassett

After receiving one of his awards, senior Harrison Roth makes his way back to his seat to cheer on fellow classmates. Roth received the Sister Martina Rockers Above and Beyond Award during the senior award assembly on May 2.

Emma Lazarczyk, Co Editor-in-Chief

Every year since 2020, the Sister Martina Rockers Above and Beyond Award is presented to one or more seniors who reflect the ways of former student government moderator Sister Martina Rockers.

After leading the Sister Millie herd as an executive, senior Harrison Roth was awarded this honor during the senior awards assembly on May 2.

“I felt like I was getting recognized for all of the hard work I have put into this year, which was really nice,” Roth said. “It made me feel really special and loved.”

In order to qualify for this award the student must be either a herd executive or faith family captain who promotes school spirit and leads by example through their position of power. Roth was the fifth recipient of this award in four years. Two recipients received the award in 2021. 

“This group of execs have done a great job of working together and being one voice for Miege,” herd coordinator Jessica Switzer said. “Harrison just always did the extra. He was just amazing in the sense of always being present, always being willing to do more and while Millie did not place the best this year, his leadership was always on point and above and beyond.”

Roth stood out this year at both the 7th and 8th grade mixer, where he DJed the event, and when he made extra videos throughout the year for the herd system.

“Being a solid, servant leader is a requirement in general, but it is also about putting your heart into it,” Switzer said. “Sister Martina was not just a stucco moderator, she was the heart and soul of the student’s voice.”

Roth decided to run for exec in hopes of leading the Millie herd to victory over the Ursuline Cup. While his initial goal was not tangible, according to Roth, the lesson he took away from this year is the true prize. 

“I never thought that I would end up loving school so much, after hating it freshman year.” Roth said. “Freshman year I always thought teachers were out to get me, but you realize senior year when you are actually running stuff, that it is just a part of their big plan.”