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Dazzling Across the Stage: Dance Team takes home its first trophy in Miege history

Addy Burris
The dance team takes their final spirit stance before performing their fight song routine.

Bringing it home, the cheer and dance teams competed for Game Day Dance at the Kansas State High School Activities Association on Nov. 18. Dance placed 3rd for the 4A Division, cheer placed 6th for the 4A Division and both teams created memories different from the past competitions

The dance team took home its first-ever trophy after competing first in the final round. Led by new head coach Brevin Armstrong and new assistant coach Emily Feuerborn, the team set an example for future generations of dance team members. 

“When I found out that we did better than last year and that we placed top three, it was an exhilarating feeling,” sophomore dance team member Nora Butler said. “Watching videos back, everyone was so proud and excited.”

 The day of the competition as well as the month prior presented a demanding schedule for both teams with early mornings to long practices, the students had to also manage staying on top of their school work, social life and extracurriculars. 

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“We had so many morning practices; they lasted from 6 a.m. in the morning until 7:30 a.m.,” Butler said. “It was a lot leading up to it, but I think it definitely paid off.”

According to senior dance captain Megan Ruf, adjusting to such a rigorous schedule is a struggle for the team each year.

“It’s a lot of hard work and dedication; they are normally two-hour practices every single day,” Ruf said. “It’s just balancing school, dance and everything else I do.”

Filled with back-to-back routines and hours of practice, the day of the state competition was no different. According to Butler, the girls piled into the vans beginning an hour-long drive to Topeka where they performed at the Topeka-Stormont Vail Events Center. 

 “I woke up at 4:50 a.m. in the morning to get in uniform and do my hair and then go to school,” Butler said. 

State competitions for dance and cheer are structured similarly where each team can be called at any time throughout the day and must be prepared to perform their routine corresponding to the category. 

“Waiting around is doing things you need to do or reviewing things,” Butler said. “I remember all of the team had their headphones on, and we were just reviewing choreography, retouching hairspray, retouching makeup, doing each other’s eyeliner, stuff like that.”

The team has undergone multiple transitions this year as new coaches and members were recruited. Brevin Armstrong was part of the National Dance Alliance staff and was a Classy Cat on the Kansas State University dance team.

Smiling with exuberance, senior Megan Ruf exits the stage after competing their spirit chant.

“I feel like our team is just much closer as a whole,” Butler said. “We have a new coach, and we all just feel more confident in ourselves and that we can accomplish really great things.” 

With additional coaching staff, the dance team has reached new heights in the mindset held toward practices and performances. This shift led to the team’s historical placement.

“They’ve brought up the energy; we’re a lot more confident than we were last year, and the choreography we’re given just fits us more,” Ruf said. “They’re both very positive people, they bring up the energy.”

This energy starts in the hot, summer days at National Dance Alliance camp at Baker University. Both cheer and dance spend a few days learning about technique, spirit, style routines and evaluation from various instructors 

According to junior member Lucy Liston, the team won several “Spirit Awards,” which are judged on energy levels and facial expressions.

“Becoming friends with the other teams was my favorite part of camp,” Butler said. “We became really close with Mission Valley; we still talk to some of them.”

Ruf recalls her favorite dance memory at NDA Dance camp where she won “All American,” the highest award that is given to a select few. The criteria to receive this award was based on technique, leadership, facials and overall showmanship of the dancer.

“I didn’t expect it, it was actually the last thing I expected,” Ruf said. “Our coach, Brevin, was the one who gave it to me, which was really cool.”

That same exhilaration was seen through the crowded stands as the team performed its fight song routine at finals before taking home its first trophy. 

“We also were the first team to go in finals, which was not fun but we have to perform better because we leave a greater impact,” Butler said. 

Bringing home a trophy for the first time in school history, the girls set an example for future teams to come.

“I didn’t believe it after we got fifth last year because we had never made it that far,” Ruf said. “Hearing our name getting called, I almost cried.”

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