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Excitement Boiling: Kansas City fans beginning to realize that the Chiefs are here to stay

Curtesy photo
Freshman Griffin Bloemker attends a Chiefs game with family. Bloemker writes that the KC team is creating a dynasty for itself.

Fans across the country have begun to accept the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs are the best team in the NFL. As a long time Chiefs fan, I can personally say that this is a very exciting time for Chiefs fans, especially loyal fans of the team. 

Loyal fans of the team are the most excited they have ever been. Our team is becoming a dynasty, writing themselves in the record books.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the top dogs of the NFL right now. This also comes with fans that are ultra excited about the team being so good. This is the best time to be a Chiefs fan due to their sheer greatness and their determination to win.

I started loving the Chiefs at a very young age. I was probably 5 or 6 when I really started watching football. I just took to it and found it very fun to watch.

Long time fans have watched the ups and the downs of the team – to when they won only two games and being the worst team in the NFL, to winning two Super Bowls and hosting five straight AFC Championships.

 I remember my parents telling me about how bad the Chiefs used to be, from what I heard it looked like the team had no chance of being any good for the next decade. 

These long-time Chiefs fans are very excited to see the team they have been loyal to for so long become such an amazing team.

Patrick Mahomes, drafted in 2017, with the 10th pick in the draft, has led the team to two Super Bowl victories. He has also won two league MVP awards, two Super Bowl MVP awards and one Offensive Player of the Year awards. 

I was very happy about this every time it happened, first of all winning the Super Bowl in general. When Mahomes won his MVP awards, it showed he was the best quarterback in football.

Mahomes has made the Chiefs a whole different team entirely, making games exciting to watch and has brought back wins after wins.

No one could forget one of the greatest coaches of all time coaching the team to victory after victory: Andy Reid, one of the winningest coaches of all time and maybe the most creative play designer ever. 

One of his most innovative plays is called snow globe when the team bundled into a circle and then got into formation. This interesting play was almost very effective with it being close to earning a touchdown.

Reid has slowly made the team to what it is today, and fans are very thankful he came along because without him there wouldn’t be the Kansas City Chiefs we know today.

In Arrowhead Stadium, fans from each team come to cheer their respective teams along. But Chiefs fans have shown they are the loudest and can even help the Chiefs win games at home. 

The highest decibel Arrowhead stadium hit was 142, which used to be the loudest of any sporting venue in the world. 

I went to the Chiefs vs Dolphins game on Christmas Eve in 2017. The stadium gets very loud; you can’t even hear the person next to you if they were talking to you.

I feel that Chiefs fans are very proud of their team for that they have been so good for this amount of time. I’m very proud that they have been winning in the playoffs, also making it to three Super Bowls.

But it now seems that the Chiefs haven’t been slowing down at all, they just keep making it to the playoffs as the number one seed in the AFC. I believe that the winning that the team has been doing will continue on for another 10 years. 

The coaches, the players, and the fans make this team just better than anyone else in the NFL.

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