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Drizzy Drake: Students react to cash giveaways at concert

Will Atchity

Popstar sensation Drake’s charitable acts have been making, as his song goes, headlines over the past few weeks nationwide as he gives out hefty amounts of money to random fans. Fortunate locals in Kansas City were left surprised at his concert, as he gave out around $200k to fans in need this past weekend. 

Drake’s It’s a Blur Tour – Big as the What tour has 32 scheduled shows, with 2 of those nights bestowed to Kansas City. People waved posters with their financial needs pasted in large print, which is how he picked people from the crowd to fund. Sophomore Dante Combs was a fan who got to experience these moments. 

“He is my favorite rapper, so watching him help people out really inspired me,” Combs said. “Some of those people needed the money and it made me happy to watch how excited they were to receive it.”

Causes that the money went towards included medical costs for a woman’s back fractures, a house mortgage, and an anticipating mother. The amount gifted to each person ranged from $10k to $160k. 

Although unconditionally supporting fans is a generous act, some fans felt that his actions were intended to show off his wealth. One fan who expressed this opinion was Sophomore Mary Aguilera.

“I didn’t love that part only because it felt a little flashy,” Aguilera said. “To me, it seemed like he was shoving how much money he could throw away in our faces. That part threw me off a bit.”

Aguilera and Combs had differing perspectives on Drake’s integrity that night, but they found common ground for how this money changed the recipients’ lives. Both students commented on how the arena’s atmosphere curated the concert’s mood of giving and having fun. 

“There was a part where he said to hug someone you do not know and show them a little love, and I think that brought the concert together as a whole,” Aguilera said. “It made us there for a purpose versus as individuals. I cannot think of a feeling I could use to describe how it was to look around and hear all the cheering, and look up and see the screen with all the energy. It was pretty amazing.”

Combs experienced the passion of the crowd and how special the experience was for Drake’s fans. 

“Large blimps were floating around everywhere and a lot of fireworks made it come to life,” Combs said. “There was fire too, and insane lights flashing. It was amazing. Overall, his generosity to the scenery was what made the concert the memory of a lifetime that it is now. ”

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