All Girls? Freshman learns how to grow up alongside four other girls


Photo courtesy of Thomas Lynn

After growing up with four sisters, freshman Josie Lynn said she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Josie, Staff Writer

Growing up, there was one phrase that freshman Josie Lynn heard more times than she could count: “Your poor dad!” This was the most common response from people after they figured out that she was one of five daughters. 

“If I was talking to a teacher or friend’s parent and it came up that I had four sisters, nine times out of ten they would say something about how my dad must be miserable,” Josie said. “Sometimes we’d just be out grocery shopping and a stranger passing by would say it.”

Usually, Josie’s dad meets these comments with a laugh. Contrary to what seems like a popular belief, Thomas Lynn is grateful that he has five daughters.

“I couldn’t imagine it any other way,” Thomas said.

Growing up with four sisters showed Josie that having so many girls under one roof is destined to start drama. After all, siblings can’t always get along.

“When we were younger we could manage to fight over anything,” Josie said, “but now that we’re older, most arguments are just about stolen clothes or phone chargers.”

The five Lynn sisters grew up doing many of the same activities and sports. All five sisters participated in swim team, soccer and basketball. Three of the five play tennis. This enabled the girls to spend time practicing their sport together and attend each other’s sports matches regularly.

“There was a time when we all played soccer at the same time at the same park,” Josie said. “Our parents would spend all day Saturday running to different fields to watch our games.”

Sports are not the only similarity that the Lynn sisters share. Growing up together for many years has given the girls plenty of time to adopt each other’s ways of doing things and give them more similarities than they realize.

“I’ve been told that I talk exactly the same as my two other sisters who are in high school,” Josie said. “Apparently, we even share some of the same common phrases.”

Older siblings love to tease their younger siblings, and the Lynn family is no different. Growing up with three older sisters gave Josie plenty of memories that she now looks back and laughs at. 

“I think the most embarrassing story is when my sisters told me for months that Peter Pan was real, and he was coming to visit me on my birthday,” Josie said. “I believed them the whole time.”

Josie said she loves that she and her siblings get to learn with and through each other, and that life with four sisters will never be boring.

“Siblings are a gift and your best friends for life,” Josie said. “I got lucky enough to get four.”