Coronavirus cancels seniors’ last semester

Maria, Staff Writer

The coronavirus pandemic has caused much disappointment amid teachers, coaches, and especially, students. But one class’ evident dismay stands out from the others.

The Bishop Miege senior class of 2020 has been handed a spring semester that has disrupted what students thought would be weeks of activities, bonding and a typical end to their senior year.

“Everything fun got taken away,” senior Elena Nguyen said. “Graduation, senior retreat, prom, Kairos…”

Spring sports were also a major disappointment with many seniors who were unable to complete their final season at Miege.

“There’s just a lot of things seniors wanted to do in our last semester at Miege,” Nguyen said. “It’s hard knowing that we can’t.”

Fully aware of the seniors’ discouragement, the Bishop Miege administration made sure to acknowledge the class of 2020.

“I realize that many of you are disappointed and frustrated by these unfortunate circumstances,” said Joe Schramp, associate principal, in a video message to the seniors. “You’ve been on a long educational ride, and you deserve the experience and same events of previous Miege seniors.”

Schramp continued to remind seniors to spend time with their families, take time to pray, and to “be proud of yourselves – there are only five weeks to go until you’ve completed high school, which is an enormous accomplishment.”

Schramp also mentioned that it had been more than 100 years since a pandemic like this had occurred.

“Know that you are living through tough times,” Schramp said to the seniors. “Use this adverse period as a motivator to prepare, excel, and work hard for the future.

“I guarantee you’ll never regret it.”

Bearing this in mind, the class of 2020 is striving to stay positive.

“We’re just trying to make the best of it,” Nguyen said. “And we’re coming up with new ideas to still make it special.”

These new ideas spreading around seniors and parents of a summer graduation reached the administration’s attention, who also wanted gratifying closure for the seniors.

After careful consideration, a full-on plan to celebrate seniors was underway.

“July 18, this summer, 7:30 p.m. in the stadium is senior graduation,” Schramp declared in the most recent video addressed to the seniors.

He and Assistant Principal Andrew Groene continued to announce further events that day, including the senior breakfast and the Baccalaureate Mass.

Principal Maureen Engen joined the fun in the video, asking what they could further do to celebrate the seniors.

“We should probably have a prom,” Groene said in response. “We could also celebrate them with barbecue in the stadium area…I think they deserve that.”

To top it off, William Creach, Director of Campus Ministry, shared a quick message to the seniors.

“We’re proud of you, we’re praying for you,” Creach said. “We all know that this was not the way we hoped things would be done, but it’ll be a great finish for the class of 2020. Keep the faith.”

With this new future shows that the class of 2020 isn’t defeated yet.

“It’s hard, but it’s still a unique experience, and we’re still excited to go to college,” Nguyen said. “Hopefully, this all ends soon and people with the virus get better. That’s what matters the most.”