Lockers vs. Backpacks: Students debate pros and cons of backpacks


Natalie Martinez

Walking through the halls, junior Savana Hernandez carries her supplies in her backpack. She has had to transfer her supplies to her locker due to a change in policy.

Natalie Martinez, Staff Writer

As her lockers jams for the third time that day, sophomore Gabriela Moya complains about having to use lockers. Moya goes through unsuccessful attempts to try to force it open, banging and yelling at it.

Due to her daily struggle to open her locker, Moya said she would prefer to go back to backpacks. Students used backpacks last year as a way to practice social distancing due to COVID-19.

“I can carry all my things and then I won’t have to come back running back to my locker before class and after,” Moya said.

This year it’s not just underclassmen struggling. Students from every class are adjusting to using lockers again after a year.

Director of facilities Ryan Wrigley said the students without locker experience have struggled the most, especially the freshmen. According to Wrigley, his daytime crew, which is himself and two others, help with about ten locker jams a week.

For junior Nohemi Gurrola, not only are lockers hard to open but keeping them clean can be challenging too. Gurrola said keeping lockers clean can be a bit of a hassle.

“Lockers are kind of hard to keep clean because I’m short,” Gurrola said. “I can’t really see on top so I just shove it all in the bottom.”

For junior Alex Murphy, lockers were his way of being able to talk to his friends in between classes.

“It’s just that time to be with your friends, by your lockers getting your stuff, [then] going to the next class,” Murphy said. “ I think that’s fun to have. We didn’t have that last year.”

According to Moya, she uses the passing period to get teachers’ attention to help her instead of talking to her friends. Moya said while social distancing kept students safe from COVID-19, lockers have their own dangers.

“The lockers tend to get jammed and stuck and you can have your fingers there and then you could hurt yourself,” Moya said.

In favor of lockers, Murphy said the locker’s placement is convenient. Murphy’s locker is on the third floor where most of his classes are.

“You have all your stuff there and whatever you need for homework, you take it out from the locker,” Murphy said.

With lockers in use this year, backpacks are to remain in students’ lockers during the day. Gurrola said both are useful for school and have their own benefits.

“Backpacks are good at carrying around with you because you have everything in hand, but lockers kinda help me out because I don’t have to be carrying so much with me,” Gurrola said. “There’s pros and cons to any side.”