Building, Designing and DJing: Robotics team works together to help at school events


Natalie Martinez

Engineering teacher Scott Anderson and freshman Norah Heise work on the sound equipment together at the Christmas Mixer.

A'myrah Cheadle, Staff Writer

The lights are dimmed; the music starts playing. The audience comes onto the dance floor to dance and sing to the music playing. By working the sound equipment, the robotics team has stepped into the position to help run school dances and events more efficiently.

A new member of the robotics team, who has helped out at these events, is freshman Sophia Craig. Without any previous background from years before, or even having to experience a high school dance, she first started out helping with the sound equipment at the 80’s mixer.

“I really just did it to go and experience the dances because as a freshman I can’t go,” Craig said. “I’ve never [have helped] DJ until the 80’s mixer.” 

The process to set up for events includes the help of robotics coach Scott Anderson. According to Craig, the hardest part is helping set up parts of the event by herself or

either with another member helping out with the event. 

“Usually we just have to set up our table which consists of setting up Mr. Anderson’s computer and hooking it up to the speakers,” Craig said. “The speakers are the hardest part because of how heavy they are. It’s usually me and another girl so it’s very hard for us to lift it high enough to get it up there, so that’s usually the hardest part of setting up an event.”

In addition to Craig, freshman Norah Heise, a member of the robotics team helps work the sound equipment for dances and events. 

She said her favorite event she has worked at was Homecoming alongside Craig. 

“It was kind of fun because you could see the people dancing and enjoying it and having fun,” Heise said.

According to Heise, it’s difficult working sound equipment because of all the factors they have to consider.  

“Not knowing what songs to play because we had some bad songs [played],” Heise said. “[It’s] kind of hard to figure out what we should play next to keep people interested and engaged at the dance.”

A factor that the robotics team has to consider is deciding what times to play different genres of songs at. 

“Well, you want to start dances with good songs, but not songs people want to dance to yet,” Heise said. “Until half an hour in we start playing like “Cupid Shuffle” and then everyone comes out for that and then we keep playing dance songs.” 

Senior William Watson, member of the robotics team, has also been helping Craig and Heise learn about how to work the sound equipment. Watson has helped run sound equipment for four years and the first event he helped out was The Sadies dance his freshman year. Over the years, he has dealt with the positives and negatives of working at school events and dances.

“The pro is that you can go to the dance for free, the con is that you can’t really go out there and dance,” Watson said. 

According to Watson, while attending events and dances he enjoys watching his senior class line dance to a popular song called “Take on Me” by a-ha. Even though he is not in the audience he makes sure everyone on the dance floor remains active.   

“You just got to keep the hype going,” Watson said.