Sign Me Up: New classes allow students to further interests

Natalie Martinez, Staff Writer

Students will have the opportunity to take eight new courses next year.

Principles of Biomedical Science

According to science teacher Mary Beth Summers, she had to wait to introduce Principles of Biomedical Science due to it being project-based. This class will be a new course for the Project Lead the Way track.
“I actually knew about this class when I first started here at Miege and I was really interested in getting it started here, but of course it takes some time to talk to all the right people and we had to talk about funding because it costs quite a bit of money just for supplies and materials because it’s way more hands-on,” Summers said.

Personal Finance

Personal Finance will teach students skills to achieve financial success.
“Personal Finance is kind of preparing students for the adult world, everything from banking to bill paying to budgeting to investing,” computer science teacher Lori Dowd said. “I really thought Personal Finance would be a great addition to the curriculum.”

Personal Law
Along with Personal Finance, Dowd will be teaching Personal Law. The class is designed to teach students about the legal system.
“I’ve been interested in forensics and forensics science,” freshman Taylor Cooper Balandron said. “I’ve been debating being a lawyer, and we haven’t been taught law at school.”

Social Media Marketing
Theater director Elizabeth Nelson initially proposed Social Media Marketing in 2019. According to Nelson, the class was pushed back due to COVID-19.
“I think the class will be fun and I like trying new things,” sophomore Diego Mejia said. “I’m a person who likes interesting things, and I’m on social media a lot.”

AP Physics
After hearing requests from students, AP Physics will be offered to seniors. Engineering teacher Matt Peterie, who is new this year, said his certification to teach the class is what made it happen.
“I’ve taught AP Physics for about 10 years and college physics previously,” Peterie said. “When I came here to Miege, people mentioned interest in being able to get AP credit for an advanced physics class.”

Editorial Leadership
Offered to those in publications, editorial leadership will deepen the students understanding of being an editor.
“Because students on publications work so hard we wanted to give an opportunity for editors to receive honors credit, especially because they’re doing so many hours on nights and weekends,” fine arts teacher Sarah McCambridge said.
Honors French Literature
Offered as an independent study for one student this year, Honors French Literature has now expanded to become a course in the catalog, focusing on the vocabulary of the 17th, 18th or 19th century. According to French teacher Leigh-Ann Haggerty, a new class had to be added for underclassmen in French II to take French all four years.

Zero-hour Athletic Strength Training
While the other classes will be offered during school, Athletic Strength Training will be offered in the mornings as a zero hour. Physical education teacher John Darrow said he wanted something for the students who couldn’t take it during their regular schedule.

In Motion

Rotational classes make a return

Honors Civil Engineering and Architecture
In rotation with Aerospace Engineering, Honors Civil Engineering and Architecture is another step in the PLTW track.

Honors Engineering Design and Development
Also in rotation, Honors Engineering Design and Development will be the third class of PLTW next year. The first rotation the class had was three years ago.
“It’s meant to be the capstone class of the engineering line of classes,” PLTW teacher Scott Anderson said.