Out With the Old: Herd carnival takes the place of herd hallway decorating


Grace Tucker

Folding a playing card, senior Anna Smith decorates the Tylicki herd hallway. This year the Herd Council decided to replace hallway decorating with a homecoming carnival tailgate.

Natalie Martinez, Photography Editor

Loud noises, streamers, colors and spirit. These past few years during Homecoming Week, hallway decorating has been a herd competition many students would look forward to. 

This year, the herd moderators decided to go in a different direction for homecoming, which includes getting rid of previous traditions such as hallway decorating and hosting a tailgate carnival instead. 

Due to the budget required for hallway decorations, moderators decided that a carnival-like tailgate would be all-inclusive and worth the budget.  

This positive change will especially benefit our community, but it also helps all students feel involved by dismissing school early to set up tents for their herds. Carnival decorating may go on until after school, but the actual carnival will take place as part of the homecoming football game tailgate. 

Each herd will have its tent and host different activities like face painting and cotton candy. Students will be able to participate in and host activities like face painting and a cake walk. Since the carnival will be a part of the tailgate, food and other activities might be expected as well. 

Like hallway decorating, herd members will earn points for their tents based on creativity, activities, attendance and decorations. The moderators will be the ones that will grade the tents. 

Having carnival decorating during school time will be convenient for students who have after-school activities. In hallway decorating, students were expected to go before and after Stag Strut to complete the hallway look. While some students followed, most weren’t able to make time. 

As a majority of students attend the homecoming football game, the carnival will be a good way to set the atmosphere for homecoming. With the carnival as part of the tailgate, family members and friends can attend to show Miege spirit, adding to the fun.

Considering hallway decorations only last a few days, the tailgate carnival makes a memorable experience for all herds to have.

The activities are student-organized, which should help in targeting activities for the right audience. Herd council members are planning their activities and will have parent volunteers helping out each tent.

Overall, the homecoming carnival should include enough things to do that all herd members could be a part of. The activities included should serve as a break from studies and a nice time to play around with friends. Students can show school spirit and help out their herd.