Strumming Along: Freshman displays guitar skills during Mass


Emma Lazarczyk

Foot on the speaker, freshman Lucien Slater holds his guitar on Aug. 31. This was Slaters first time playing the guitar during a Miege all- schoo Mass. “Well I love it,” Slater said. “If it’s at Church then I think I’m playing for God.”

Natalie Martinez, Photography Editor

As the sound of the choir fills the gym, an electric guitar echoes in the background. To the right of the choir, freshman Lucien Slater steps up to play his guitar.

Slater went on to continue playing for all-school Mass. Slater is self taught and has been playing the guitar since he was 5. 

“I wanted to be like my dad who was in a band,” Slater said.

According to Slater, his favorite thing about the guitar is learning all kinds of music and different ways to play.

“I love playing,” Slater said. “It’s kind of easy. I just have to remember a lot of songs use the same chords.”

Slater’s favorite genre is rock, especially the band “Kiss.” Slater said that he started performing during elementary school.

“My old choir director said she wanted me to play for Mass, then after that I became a regular,” Slater said.

Slater has continuously been taking lessons for three years and decided with his experience to bring his guitar playing talent to high school. 

“I kind of offered because I’ve been playing at Masses at other churches, so I thought to just bring it here,” Slater said.

Slater plays for the St. Joseph Church every other week and practices for Mass the day before. 

“For Masses, I usually learn in one or two days, for performing three days,” Slater said. 

For performances, Slater occasionally joins groups. He is a part of the St. Joseph Church band called “The Awesome Angels.”

“I joined [the band] when I was in kindergarten singing, then when I was in second grade I started playing for Mass,” Slater said.

Slater started writing songs a few years ago. Experimenting in rock and hip-hop, Slater, tries to echo his main inspiration, Jimi Hendrix. 

“[Hendrix] found different ways to play the guitar, different ways on the net,” Slater said. 

Slater said he receives offers to perform, but sometimes he has to ask to perform. He said he has played at Starlight, the Blue Room at the Jazz Museum and a couple of restaurants. 

Slater said he now helps teach the younger children at the St. Joseph Church how to play instruments.

“I just play because it’s what I love doing, and also I’m serving God by playing for Masses,” Slater said.