Change for the Better: Student shares the benefits of transferring schools


Natalie Martinez

After struggling to find a fitting community, Bishop Miege proved a perfect match for senior Will Baska.

Will Baska, Staff Writer


Change – for almost all teenagers, it is the never ending force of reality. Known all too well in moments of joy and sorrow, fear and excitement, this fact of life can be draining for us. Still, it is the ways we navigate this inevitable burden into beautiful creation that define us. These moments set us on the path of a fruitful future, birthing a legacy of pride and belonging. In my 17 years, that defining moment for me has been transferring to Bishop Miege High School.

I decided to transfer from my previous school after my sophomore year. After trying to juggle my learning style needs while navigating COVID-19 restrictions, my mental health and academic performance were in a sharp decline.  I knew that the “normal” would not be achievable in a pandemic world, but after doing extensive independent research I came to the conclusion that Bishop Miege would be a better fit for me going into my junior year. I knew I had friends here that enjoyed it, but other than that, I was coming in dully optimistic. My expectations were nothing more than a place where I could have a more typical high school experience. You could say my expectations were shattered.

On my first day of school, I entered my flex time and promptly realized that I did not know a single person sitting in the chairs surrounding me. Nerves flared as my mouth remained shut. I had discovered that I was in a foreign place. We went to a herd assembly and what I saw shocked me. Students were actually enjoying themselves, laughing and conversing with one another over their degree of spirit, their factions of pride. Someone with a wide grin turned around and told me how lucky I was to be in Bohaty. I smiled back and started up a conversation. My flaring nerves relaxed in content excitement. I knew I had found a real community.

Community is something that is stressed constantly at Miege, and for good reason. It’s an institution of unique personalities that thrive off the love of another, offering me a superior opportunity to enjoy a normal high school career. Instantly, my grades went up, as did my social skills, while I discovered a community that fit me the way a high school should. I discovered myself looking forward to every piece of quirky Miege tradition, all the little joys of educational entertainment. I had finally found a place where I could thrive academically and socially.

I want to thank the Miege community. This school made transferring feel like a return to some home I never knew I had, and that is an experience of infinite blessing. At Bishop Miege, it is nothing short of expectation.