Going Through the Schedule: 1-8 hour days serve a peculiar purpose


Natalie Martinez

Students attempt to recalibrate to their schedules in the media center.

Will Baska, Staff Writer

In any given school year, schedule imbalances are all but inevitable. At Miege, a solution to this issue is the 1-8 hour day. 

Though this schedule is implemented to even out A and B days of the school year, many students are skeptical of the day’s efficacy. 

“They’re not my favorite thing,” senior Maya Pepin said. “I feel like the class gets rolling and before I know it the bell is ringing.”

With students and teachers being accustomed to the generic four hour schedule, the fast-paced nature of the day can be tough to adjust to, and for some, futile. 

“On one hand there is not much time for real lessons, but on the other hand I feel like that can be productive for study halls,” junior Ralph Klem said. “The schedule can definitely feel kind of long and pointless.”

Despite the rushed nature of the schedule, many believe that there is no easy answer to the problem.

“I don’t really know if there is another solution so I think it is fine the way it is,” Klem said. “Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.”

Though 1-8 days may seem unnecessary to students, Dean of Students Alex Keith said the schedule is a required addition to the school.

“The state requires us to have a certain number of hours in school each year,” Keith said. “We needed a schedule that would allow for the same amount of A days and B days.”

While the 1-8 day may serve a technical purpose, Keith said the day’s benefits go beyond state requirements.

“It is good for teachers to be able to see all of their students in one day to get into the same page,” Keith said. “This could be tidying things up before a final like we had last semester, or starting the year off by getting to know their new classes.”