Checking Off A Sport: Boys Lacrosse prepares for inaugural season


Natalie Martinez

Clipboard in hand, head girls lacrosse coach Ross Dessert consults with freshman Nathan Brentano and Dominic Magana about recruiting more boys. The head boys lacrosse coach Jay Coleman and Dessert oversaw the lacrosse throw around on Feb. 21

Will Baska, Staff Writer

Senior John Cosse paces the turf with a netted stick in his hand. Focus fills his eyes as he juggles a small white ball. Cosse is preparing for the inaugural season of boy’s lacrosse.

This spring, the school will proceed with its first season of the sport led by head coach Jay Coleman. Though the team has not yet formed, hopes are high from students of all grade levels.

“Lacrosse is my favorite sport,” freshman Nathan Brentano said. “It feels great to make history at Miege and create a legacy.”

Brentano, who has been playing club lacrosse for three years, is excited to make an impact on the team as a striker.

“It’s my favorite sport,” Brentano said. “I think I’m good at it and I’m really excited.”

Though the movement for a boys lacrosse program has been gaining momentum, Cosse believes the team wouldn’t be made possible without the influence of the girls lacrosse program launching last spring. 

“When people heard about the girls making a team, I think that made a huge impact on the process,” Cosse said. “People wanted to play lacrosse more than ever when the girls started a team, and I really think that helped us put it all together.”

Cosse, a former transfer student who has been playing competitive club lacrosse for most of his life, knows that the greatest battle has already been won in creating a team.

“The only thing we can really succeed in this year is completing our first season,” Cosse said. “Learning the basics and gaining more skills are the building blocks we need for the future.”

As the developing team prepares to embark on a unique club schedule, Stag laxers know the season will be no easy journey.

“It’s going to take a lot of hard work as a team,” senior Ryder Cahill said. “A lot of people that are going out have never played lacrosse before, so it’s going to require a lot of effort.”

Cahill’s experience goes back to club play throughout grade school. To him, this season is a special opportunity he thought he would never see.

“I haven’t played since 8th grade,” Cahill said. “I’m just very grateful to be playing again and having fun.”

As building blocks continue to be laid, the boys lacrosse team serves as a prime example of the fruit that student effort can produce.

“Get the word out there, for we finally did it,” Cosse said. “It’s special knowing I get to represent my school in such a unique way.”