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What’s Poppin’ at Popculture?: Student reviews gourmet popcorn and ice cream

Evie McBride
Senior Jamie Weiss reviews Popculture Gourmet Popcorn. The chain originating from Missouri, opened its doors in 2017 and their second location in 2020. Weiss tries their variety of different, unusual, flavors of popcorn and her opinion of the overall ambiance of the shop.

As someone who frequents downtown Overland Park, I stumbled across a small shop over the summer that sold both gourmet popcorn and ice cream. It was decently busy, so I had to see what all of the hype was about. After visiting just one time, I knew I had to write a review about Popculture Gourmet Popcorn and Ice Cream. 

The small interior was so cozy and inviting, even with many kids running around, tasting all the snacks and ice cream. The staff was so kind and welcomed me in, even while trying to serve many other customers.   

Perhaps what drew me in initially was the wall of popcorn to sample. There seemed to be every kind of flavor you could imagine, from the classic cheese and butter, to fruity flavors, to unique seasonings I never knew could pair so well with popcorn. Naturally, I had to try them all.

I began with the fruit flavors including cherry, banana, orange, blueberry and so much more. Their vibrant colors intrigued me, and their tastes were decently accurate to their fruit counterparts. What really stuck out to me with these flavors was their ability to deliver the perfect amount of sweetness without taking away the natural saltiness of the popcorn.

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Moving on down the line, I was greeted by the more spicy varieties, including white cheddar jalapeno. This was my favorite of the day, with the perfect amount of tang that complimented the cheesy seasoning. 

While these other flavors pleasantly surprised me, I am a firm believer that a popcorn company can only be as good as their standard choices including cheese, butter, carmel and kettle corn. These were all superb and true to their names, like the extra buttery popcorn, which I believe has a richer flavor than you would find at your typical movie theater. A mini bag costs $3.50, which is a great price for the “gourmet” title.    

All of the previous kinds of seasonings were expected from a typical popcorn retailer, but there also was a plethora of spices that I did not know were possible. One of these was Dr. Pepper, and as someone who will not drink soda due to its carbonation, it was delightful being able to taste its sweetness without the fizzy aftertaste. Another was the wing night. Unlike with Dr. Pepper, I eat buffalo wings often and was not disappointed by the accuracy of the sharpness and zest of the sauce without any of the mess.    

Even though the gourmet popcorn is in the name, the vast choices of ice cream flavors were nothing to scoff at. With constantly changing varieties, new tastes are always available. On my most recent visit, I got birthday cake, which was smooth and refreshing. The price was amazing too, as a kiddie scoop only cost $3. The portion size was significantly larger than many ice cream retailers, so you can be sure you are getting your bang for your buck.

Right from my first time walking in the shop, I knew that Popculture Gourmet Popcorn and Ice Cream deserved to be recognized. The friendly staff, amazing popcorn and huge ice cream makes this place one-of-a-kind.  

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