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My Guts Are Spilled: Olivia Rodrigo’s “GUTS (spilled)” is so American that listeners are obsessed.

Courtesy of Geffen Records
Olivia Rodrigo released five new songs to create “GUTS (spilled)” on March 22, 2024, coming after her original release of “GUTS” on Sept. 8, 2023.

The “GUTS” World Tour has taken America by storm. Olivia Rodrigo has created a killer tour for her insane album with hit after hit. Her drop last September brought a new wave of grunge-pop to the music industry. She set herself up for success with “GUTS.” I was brought to tears, bliss and impromptu concerts in my bedroom with the first album. Rodrigo has recently released five new songs that are an excellent addition to the pre-existing ones. 

Rodrigo has released a deluxe edition of “GUTS” entitled “GUTS (spilled).” Five new songs have been added to the singer’s discography and these include: “Obsessed,” “Girl I’ve Always Been,” “Scared of My Guitar,” “Stranger” and “So American.” Let’s explore the remaining guts of Olivia Rodrigo that she’s spilled just for us. 

To start, we have the most fun out of the five tunes: “Obsessed.” Along with releasing the track, a new music video came with the song. This added a new layer to the “GUTS” aesthetic. The track fits in with the rest of the regular album, but does have its own flare. Rodrigo shows off her powerful belts in this song, while also giving a great deal of attitude. Her lyrics win again with relatability and rebellion. The music video was extremely entertaining and Rodrigo also sported a brand new haircut, which is exactly the type of edginess that she showcases on the album. The chorus goes,  “And I remember/Every detail you have ever told me, so be careful, baby/I’m so obsessed with your ex (ah).”

The next song on our list is “Girl I’ve Always Been.” This song is wildly different from the other tracks on this second release. It has an almost folk-country vibe, with pop influences of course, but it is so different that I found myself genuinely surprised. The tone of Rodrigo’s voice also sounds different than other songs, which might be the lyrics or the musicianship, but I am glad that she decided to take a different approach. It was refreshing to see her do something completely new. She sings, “And then with venom on your tongue/You ask me who I have become.”

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Following “Girl I’ve Always Been” is “Scared of My Guitar.” This song is the most sentimental and heartwarming out of the five. Rodrigo’s breathy vocals are so pleasing to the ears. I could hear every emotion and every note with such care and passion. No lyric was left undone, each verse brought something new. For a songwriter like Rodrigo, a song like this is almost sad to hear. A guitar is so important to an artist and for Rodrigo to be scared to play shows that it makes her be honest with herself, which can be difficult to do. In the bridge, “So we’ll stay together ’cause how could I ever/Trade somethin’ that’s good for what’s right?”

The second to last song on “GUTS (spilled)” is “Stranger.” This tune is my personal favorite out of the newly released songs. It is simple, but the point is understated. Rodrigo insists that she knows everything about this person, but they are now a stranger to her. It’s so smart to think of someone as a stranger you know everything about after they break up with you, so lyricism is a key role in this song. She talks about how much pain she endured after ending a relationship, but notes how much she grew from the experience. Her voice never misses, but the lyrics are what takes the cake in this song. During the second verse she sings, “You are the best thing that I’ll ever keep so far out of my life.”

The very last song is entitled “So American,” and it is such an uplifting song. Most of the album is spent going through all of the negativity that comes from ending a relationship, but this song discusses the new joys that come from beginning a relationship. With the rumors that Rodrigo is dating British actor Louis Partridge, this song seems like a clarification. She even talks about being in love. Her voice brings light along with power in this song, especially during the chorus and whenever Rodrigo sings the word “love.” Here’s more proof this song is about Partridge, “I’d go anywhere he goes/And he says I’m so American.” Who would be calling someone “so American”? Maybe the British guy they keep being seen with…

Overall, in relation to the original GUTS, these songs bring new genres to Rodrigo’s existing sound, while also staying true to what she’s known for. In the beginning of her career, it is natural and exciting for her to be trying all types of styles and lyrics. I love the idea that new love is how she ends the album, which is definitely lighter than “Teenage Dream,” which was all about how Rodrigo regretted a lot of the life choices she made up to her 19th birthday. Each track brings something intriguing to the table. 

“GUTS (spilled)” gave me so much to unpack in just the span of five songs. With a new music video on top of the already popular sound, I was interested in how they would all sound. Each one is different, but seems to be a much more reflective approach to Rodrigo. She’s coming to terms with the fact that she’s been “gutted.” Her emotions have been brought to the forefront, and she’s fine with that. Want to spill your guts? Give “GUTS” deluxe a listen. I highly doubt you’ll see Olivia Rodrigo as a stranger. I promise you’ll be obsessed in no time.

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