Miege introduces lunch Reconciliation



This school year, Father Anthony Mersmann introduced the opportunity to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation during lunch. “When you give the opportunity, more people will go,” Fr. Mersmann said.

Will Baska, Staff Writer

You feel a little guilty about that extra cookie you snagged in the lunch line, or perhaps the table you left filthy and littered with crumbs.
Now there is an immediate solution, as Father Anthony Mersmann has introduced lunch Reconciliation.
Though this opportunity will not be available during lunch every day, Fr. Mersmann said he is excited to see it fully instated in the school community.
“The sacraments are the most incredible tool in terms of potential for growth,” Fr. Mersmann said. “By having them more available to students, we grow so much closer with God.”
Students, teachers and administrators alike will be able to receive the sacrament on Fridays, where Fr. Mersmann will be happily fulfilling his pastoral duties in the chapel.
“We have many people in this building who rarely go to Confession who can come for an incredible opportunity,” Fr. Mersmann said.
For those who struggle with the dynamic of confessing their sins, Fr. Mersmann has a simple, but important piece of advice.
“I think a lot of it is just getting used to it,” Fr. Mersmann said. “I know it can be scary, but once you put yourself out there just a little bit, I think people will find it’s a wonderful tool.”
Fr. Mersmann said that the establishment of lunch Reconciliation will have an immediate impact, but also one that starts a spiritual snowball effect.
“When we go to Confession, we receive God’s love, then we can learn to incorporate that in our own lives,” Fr. Mersmann said. “The more we receive the love of God and the more we live it out into life, the more we will end up receiving the sacraments.”
With this opportunity becoming a new staple at Miege, the spiritual environment the school attempts to instill becomes completely evident. Fr. Mersmann said he was more than happy to build on that sentiment.
“When you give the opportunity, more people will go,” Fr. Mersmann said. “I feel like I am doing what I was supposed to do as a priest.”