Driving Up the Numbers: Girls golf team more than doubled since last year


Mary-Kathryn Wert

Preparing for an upcoming tournament, freshman Ashley Myers and JV golf coach Dennis Mueller talk about tips for the driving range.

On the driving range, the noises of the girls forcefully hitting the balls with precision sound while they laugh with each other and have fun.
According to freshman Ashley Myers, her teammates have made it easy to meet new people and adjust to the environment of high school, whether through offering rides to practice, lifting each other up, or providing an energetic and welcoming environment to play a sport.
“I had no trouble at all meeting people, and they were all just so welcoming and nice to me,” Myers said, “I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to be friends with all of them.”
The sport is not just an entertaining pastime, as the golfers have different individual goals to keep them on track. Honing in on scoring better was a common intention between Myers and returning sophomore player Caroline Bock.
“My biggest goal right now is probably to make it to state and just see how I finish and also to beat my personal best score, which is an 85,” Myers said.
Whether her goal is to be more diligent at every practice or improve their putting and chipping, each girl wants to do her part to help her teammates succeed, according to Bock.
“I think we will probably make it to state this year,” Myers said. “We definitely have to put in the effort, but we are doing pretty well so far.”
Bock has played golf throughout her summers and when wanting to join a fall sport, she turned to golf as one she was familiar with.
Golfers on the team have a variety of different skill levels. Some have little experience, while others golfers like Myers have played since they were 4.
“We are all learning together, and it is a fun experience,” Bock said. “You don’t need to worry because you will not be the worst one.”
Each girl has a person or group of people that helps them stay motivated throughout the season. New golfer sophomore Mia Mendez said that her dad was essential in her decision to join the team and thought it was important for her to learn how to play. Myers said her teammates help her strive to improve her skills.
For Bock, her mom encourages her throughout the season.
“She always motivates me to play golf and pushes me to keep going,” she said.
According to Bock and Myers, breaking societal stigmas that say women do not know how to play or do not play well is crucial for the team to keep growing in size.
Both girls said golf is an underrated sport because few people talk about it and give it the recognition it deserves.
“I know that people don’t really play golf because it is not a sport people grow up on, but I have never heard anyone really talk about it at Miege,” Myers said.
The girls’ golf team has welcomed new players this year, growing from five members to 12. Myers and Mendez agreed that head golf coach Scott Schultz has provided them with help and kindness in their first season.
“One bonding experience that I liked was our first practice when I got to meet everyone, and we all just talked about our orientations,” Myers said. “The first practice was probably my favorite because I got to meet everyone and learn about them and see how they play golf.”
Myers said she feels a sense of belonging on the golf team, and according to Bock, the girls form a close bond with each other that helps keep the challenging game fun.
“Golf is very different from other sports that I’ve played previously, and I think it’s something good to try,” Mendez said.