Taking on the classroom and the mat: Spanish teacher wrestles outside the classroom


Wrigley Nolen

Martha Drone coaches the wrestling team at the Wamego Classic Wrestling Tournament.

Wrigley Nolen, Contributor

Spanish teacher Martha Drone may seem like just an honors Spanish teacher. But  After the bell rings, she’s on the mat the assistant girls varsity wrestling Coach, or at taekwondo with her family.

“I have been the girls assistant coach for Five years after coach retired and I have been in martial arts for around 13-14 years,” Drone said 

Drone spends her time with the girls wrestling team. She became the head Girls wrestling coach Three years ago when Miege allowed a girls wrestling team. According to drone, she is a big activist for girls wrestling and enjoys teaching young people the sport of wrestling.

“We just need to inspire more ladies to join.” Drone said ” It’s a great skill to have as a guy or girl but also, you know, like I tell everyone it can get you out of a bad situation. It can save your life someday, never know.’

When she’s not training with the girls wrestling team, she spends her time on the mat with her family at taekwondo. She and her family have been doing the sport of martial arts for 14 years and Drone has a Second degree black belt and her children, Jacob and Hannah, are third degree black belts. 

 “My kids started and I followed in their footsteps, so I want to keep up with them, and that keeps me active and healthy,” Drone said

There are some skills that are required when you first start out but there are many skills to learn from the sport. Martial arts can be picked up pretty quickly as long as you have some athleticism to start 

“Just like any sport, it’s important to be disciplined, constant, reliable, and focused, you just need to be committed just like any sport.” Drone said