Senior Column: Julian Gallegos

Julian Gallegos, Staff Writer

The metallic banging of locker doors surrounded me as I gathered my school belongings, getting ready to head home for the day. Suddenly, my friend Colin Batliner tapped my shoulder and handed me a neatly written crimson letter that read, “Bishop Miege Newspaper Staff Invitation.”
I am going to be honest, I looked at it with slight disgust. Writing was not my favorite. Never before in my life had I imagined myself writing with the intention to publish and inform others. I do not want to say that I hated the idea, but I deeply disliked it.
However, despite all of that, I thought, “You never know until you try it.” So, I reluctantly assured Colin I would do it.
I do not know what drove me to say yes, but I am forever grateful that I did. Joining the newspaper squad helped me further develop my writing skills and also learn something more important. Newspaper has shown me the key to success — a great team. This year has brought some challenges, but challenges are no match for a team that functions like the Miegian. Each member shares their support and care for one another, which made me feel so welcome. Despite not being in the same classroom as the rest of the newspaper staff, I still felt their friendliness and willingness to share laughter, even if it was only in the groupchat.
I was not able to be in the same hour as my fellow staff members because my schedule included many classes that I could not switch around.
In addition to friends, the Miegian also gave me some much needed space away from my normal life.
I have a curriculum full of difficult classes, and my newspaper hour became one of my safe places where I could simply relax and write down my thoughts to feature them as opinion pieces.
This year has been wondrous and adventurous, the Miegian being a large reason for this. My final piece of advice would be to expand your horizons. Try as many positive things as possible, no matter how hard they look.
You will look back on these things in the future and smile.