Life in Spain to America: Spanish teacher finds home at Miege


Viridiana Hernandez

On Dec. 2, Spanish teacher Jennifer Dessert teaches her Spanish 1 class.

Viridiana Hernandez, Contributor

           Spanish teacher Jennifer Dessert lived for 12 years in Spain until she moved to America and got a position for a Spanish teacher here.

   Dessert’s husband got his job back at Miege while they were living in Lawrence after they were married in 2016

            “I met Mr. Desert in Lawrence, and he had already taught at Miege,” Dessert said. “He was really excited to get back to Miege. He kept telling me how wonderful it was. A year later, there was a Spanish position and I applied and so happy I got it,” she said.

Dessert lived in Spain for 12 years and it really helped her get good at her Spanish. She loved her culture and her experience that she had in Spain.

          “I live day to day in Spain and raised my kids there, made friends and I just love to share all of those experiences with my students,” Dessert said. “It’s just real life experience and I love sharing it with them and hoping to get them to go someday too,” said Dessert. 

         Dessert studied Theatre/Film and English at KU. She received her teaching certificate from Central Washington University. Dessert realized that Spanish was her one that she wanted to teach  and loved.

        “When I was in Spain. I was just living life and absorbing the culture and learning the language really well,” she said.

         Dessert started loving to teach and she realized that it was her favorite thing and wanted to do it as a career.

         “I had gotten so good at it, and I was able to take the teaching tests and pass it and realize that it’s my very favorite thing to teach,” she said.

         Dessert said she loved living in Spain, especially the culture and how friendly people are. 

          “I grew to absolutely love it and really appreciate Spanish people,” Dessert said. “They’re friendly, open and generous and really genuine,” she said.

         Dessert has visited many countries. Like Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Mexico, Switzerland, France, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Morocco, Ireland, England, Hungary, Luxemburg, Slovenia and Slovakia.

           Dessert talks about how America is so different from Spain and from differences to each other.

          “Everything in the country is so different from top to bottom. There’s all kinds of different cultures within it, so that’s fascinating too. You can just go back again and again. And get a different experience every time,” she said. 

          Dessert had some time adjusting to America after living in Spain for so long. According to her, the thing about Spain is that people are just out in the streets all the time having coffee, meeting friends.

         “When I was in Spain, I just walked everywhere and my life was just in my neighborhood and there was much more social friendly, even though the United States is great,” Dessert said. “I do miss that part,” she said.

            Dessert still goes to Spain and visits her kids and spends time with friends. She even went this summer.  

“I was there for three weeks and got to spend three weeks in Madrid and in southern Spain and Grenada with some friends,” she said