Not so Guilty Food Habits: Carly Kurt and other students describe their love and desire for their favorite tasty treats


Kirston Verhulst

Carly Kurt loves starting her day with Cocoa Puffs as she gets ready for her day.

Kirston Verhulst, Contributor

The sight of bright artificial food coloring, the smell of Cocoa Puffs at 6 a.m. in the morning and the taste of freshly poured milk over flakes of cereal. These are all the attractive features that draw junior Carly Kurt, and many others, closer and closer to their guilty food habits.

According to Kurt, she really loves eating Fruity Pebbles. This is her favorite kind of cereal, and she says she will probably be eating it for the rest of her life. 

“It depends if we specifically have Fruity Pebbles in the pantry or not,” Kurt says. “But if we do it’s every day or maybe twice a day, but it’s specifically cereal.”

According to Kurt, she says there have been many times where she has been on her phone at the kitchen table eating multiple bowls of cereal. She says eventually if one of her siblings doesn’t cut her off first, she has to tell herself to stop eating it. 

“Yeah, sometimes I catch myself watching my phone and eating cereal,” Kurt said. “But I stop myself after like my second bowl.”

According to sophomore Kristina Erskine, her guilty food habit is that she eats a bowl of ice cream after every dinner meal. She also loves chocolate chip banana bread, which her family makes every once in a while at their house.

“We have been making it more recently because my father also has a guilty pleasure of eating the chocolate chip banana bread,” Erskine said.

According to Erskine, another one of her food habits she mentioned was her weekly stop at Freddy’s, where she really enjoys the fries and fry sauce. She said her usual stop is after a hard practice or game, when she desperately needs food to fuel her back up.

“I mean it’s usually just after our basketball or soccer practice late at night,” Erskine says. “I’ll be hungry and in need of some food, and Freddy’s is an easy option all together.”

According to freshman Lucy Watson, her guilty food habit is her weekly supply of donuts. She said that her fellow classmate, Addie Duckers, brings her a strawberry sprinkle donut to school every single morning. 

“Addie brings me donuts every morning,” Watson says. “But I don’t like chocolate so she brings me a strawberry one.”

According to Watson, she often visits another one of her favorite donut places, Dunkin’ Donuts. She has been going there more often in the past year and enjoys her daily trips to snag her favorite donut and sit and talk to her friends.

“You know one day, on a Wednesday afternoon, I was just driving around and I saw Dunkin’ Donuts and I was like I want to go there,” Watson said. “I ended up stopping there, and it just changed my life forever.”