In for the summer: Long summer forces families to consume more television than ever before


Colin Batliner

Junior staff writer shares TV shows that kept his family entertained over the long summer break.

Colin Batliner, Staff Writer

Everyone had to spend most of their spring and summer inside their own homes, and if you are like my family, you watched countless TV shows. 

Millions of people were entranced by the eccentric characters shown on Netflix’s “Tiger King,” but personally I didn’t care for the overall trashiness of Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin didn’t appeal to me. Of course, they kept me entertained and I couldn’t stop watching them, but after I watched every episode it left me wondering why I kept pressing play. Another new show, Outer Banks, was good but did not have many memorable moments. I am looking forward to season two, but it won’t annoy me or make me die of anticipation if it takes too long to come out. 

Being big sports enthusiasts, my family and I were big fans of the documentary The Last Dance about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. We were waiting for it to come on every week, my parents loved reminiscing about watching Jordan play and I appreciated seeing highlights and hearing his story because I never was able to experience his greatness. 

My favorites were older shows that I finally was able to watch while confined in my home. Breaking Bad in my opinion is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, tv shows to ever be made, and I had never seen it until this summer.

Although I had already seen it once before, I watched every episode of The Office with my family and it is a work of comedic genius. The number of quotes, specifically from Michael Scott, that can be repeated in any situation makes it a classic show to watch with family or friends.

Many new shows came on Netflix and other streaming services, but during the spring and summer I was able to watch new and old shows and none of the new ones gained my admiration enough to be placed above The Office or Breaking Bad.