Hallmark movies spread holiday cheer


Isabella Guadamuz

Senior Isabella Guadamuz shares her love for Hallmark movies during the holiday season.

Isabella Guadamuz, Staff Writer

For many people, the Christmas season is one filled with joy, love and appreciation for the loved ones in our lives. Personally, I find that Hallmark movies are a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season. Watching Hallmark movies can be a wonderful way to bond with family members and friends.
The plus side is that each movie is relatively short and can be watched on a weeknight or a weekend if time permits. The average running time of each movie is about an hour and a half. I appreciate how easy they are to follow because it allows for other activities to take place during the movie like decorating or baking.
Speaking from personal experience, Hallmark movies have taught me lessons that are applicable to my everyday life and they’re also humorous. My family loves laughing at the hidden jokes and cheesy one liners, and I enjoy learning different lessons such as love, respect and self realization. Usually after watching these movies, I tend to think more about my actions towards others, and I become more thoughtful.
After years of watching Hallmark movies, I have been inspired to do good for those around me, and to share my feelings with others. These movies have taught me that expressing love and appreciation for others is important, especially during Christmas. Watching actors profess their love for one another can be all the motivation one needs this holiday season to share feelings of admiration with friends and family.
While many people may argue these movies are “cheesy” and too “romanticized,” Hallmark movies remain one of the most popular during the Christmas season. The point of these movies is to entertain, not to be completely realistic of what relationships should look like.
Fair warning to anyone interested in watching a Hallmark movie — they are extremely cheesy and predictable. However, making predictions is another fun aspect of these movies.
Hallmark movies are part of many family traditions. The holiday season marks a turning point in the year where many people feel compelled to do better, and to be better in their personal lives. I feel that after watching a marathon of movies about love, that I want to be as loving as I possibly can. I highly recommend watching one if you haven’t already.
You never know, you might end up loving them as much as Christmas.