Streaming success: New Marvel show exceeds expectations


Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight

Norah Heise

In terms of Marvel TV shows, Moon Knight was the one I had been anticipating the least. For shows like Loki, WandaVision, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, I had been eager to see what new adventures awaited some of my favorite characters, but I had never heard of Moon Knight before.  It took me a week until after the first episode was released for me to sit down and actually watch it, and when I did I was blown away.

Moon Knight is a superhero origin story that follows the mild-mannered Steven Grant, (Oscar Isaac) as he discovers that the ancient Egyptian gods he lovingly studies are oh-so very real. Steven’s timid, nerdy nature is relatable and fun to watch, and Isaac’s performance is incredible, especially considering he is also portraying another character, Steven’s second personality, Marc Spector. Marc is a hardened mercenary who serves the ancient Egyptian god of the moon. He has a much grittier nature than Steven, and it is always obvious which character you are seeing on screen from Isaac’s body language and tone. 

The main joy of Moon Knight comes from Marc and Steven’ interactions. Their relationship and refusal to cooperate with each other whilst sharing one body, as well as their brains vs brawn dynamic is both comedic and satisfyingly frustrating as their headstrong personalities clash. 

Steven and Marc must learn to cooperate to defeat the series’ villain, Arthur Harrow, who is attempting to free the Egyptian goddess of divine retribution, Ammit, which would bring about the deaths of millions. As far as the MCU goes, villains aren’t exactly their forte, but Harrow delivers. He is equal parts threatening and inviting, and his morality is understandable if not horrible. Harrow’s backstory, charisma and fanaticism make for a well-rounded villain, and it would be great if his character was explored a bit more.

The show’s music was well done but not particularly memorable, and its CGI and special effects have the level of quality one would expect from a Marvel project, and the design for both Steven and Marc’s suits are unique and much more distinct than the average superhero in spandex. 

However, Moon Knight is first and foremost a Marvel show, and if you did not enjoy any of the Marvel superhero movies, you will most likely not like this show. But for long-term MCU fans, the new characters and mythos are refreshing, while still having the same feel of any previous Marvel film. Five out of five stars.

I would recommend it for anyone who likes Marvel movies or is partial to an action/adventure show. Despite having no pre-established characters, it quickly introduces lovable and unique heroes that are a great addition to the pantheon of MCU superheroes.

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight (Courtesy of Marvel Studios)