Running on empty: Breakfast in school could boost student productivity


Luke Crawford

An apple could boost your energy for the rest of the day

Luke Crawford, Staff Writer

Given the choice of alert students in class or unfocused, teachers would definitely choose the former. 

One very simple way Miege could increase the number of alert students is by allowing students to bring food into first-hour classes before nine a.m. Allowing students to do this would promote better health among students and keep them functioning at peak performance.

 Studies by the Journal of Food Science and Nutrition Research show that breakfast contributes to about a quarter of our daily energy needs. Skipping breakfast can inhibit metabolism, slow brain function and increase chances of overeating later in the day.

The daily schedule of school early in the mornings causes many students to skip breakfast. Even though breakfast has long been established as “the most important meal of the day,” it is also the most skipped meal. 

Now, there have to be some limits, you can’t have people bringing eggs benedict to English. So with some restrictions in place (nothing you need to eat with a utensil) we can limit the foods being brought in to basic healthy snacks.  

One concern teachers might have is the trash produced by the food. While this would, inevitably, cause some trash to be left behind in class, the benefit to students and teachers is far greater than the risk of having to pick up a granola bar wrapper.

Allowing students to eat in first hour would also provide an opportunity for students to get to school on time. If students are allowed to eat a light breakfast in school, that’s just one less thing to worry about at home. 

Would this solve the problem completely? Of course not. There will always be students who aren’t morning people who just can’t find the time to get breakfast together. But allowing students to eat breakfast in school would give them an opportunity to stay sharp throughout the rest of the day and increase productivity overall.