Cluck Yeah!: A new fried chicken joint opens in downtown Shawnee


Hailey Hodge

Mother Clucker’s bright graphics on the interior of the building greet customers as they walk in.

Hailey Hodge, Contributor

Fried chicken and happiness are two essential parts of my life, and Mother Clucker brings me both of them. Mother Clucker recently opened a new restaurant in downtown Shawnee right off Nieman Road.

I consider myself somewhat of a fried chicken expert because all throughout my life, I have been to numerous restaurants that claim to have the “best fried chicken.” But, Mother Clucker may have a fighting chance at that title.

Opened two months ago, Mother Clucker with its first restaurant in Kansas is a breath of life for our midwestern perspective in 2023. The restaurant itself is located in the most ideal part of town.

Downtown Shawnee is up and coming, and contains some pretty unique stores and restaurants including, a small business boutique, an old fashioned movie theater that opened almost 100 years ago and some of the best pizza in town from a locally owned restaurant.

Near the intersection of Johnson Drive and Nieman lies a small business that originated in Nashville, called Mother Clucker. From the moment you enter, the atmosphere almost sucks you in. The aromas from the kitchen hit your nose like a train off its tracks, the bright graphics on the wall are eye-opening and wonderful.

Before even ordering, there is a sense of welcome here. As I sat down awaiting a delicious meal, something caught my attention, Mother Clucker’s famous hot honey sauce for sale. That’s right, customers can get a taste of the south from the comfort of their home at any time.

Looking at the menu one thing caught my eye, the six levels of heat for chicken varying from no heat to the “what the cluck” level. I decided on their classic no-heat option and a side of the original cluck sauce.

Once I was handed my order, I got to work. First bite in, I noticed the tangy and sweet flavor of the cluck sauce contrasted with the crisp and juicy flavor of the chicken. The soft bun acted as a bed for the dripping piece of crisp chicken topped with juicy pickles, cluck sauce and slaw.

Prices range from $5 to $15 per meal, as well as sides like, the classic crinkle cut fries, Nashville hot fried pickles, slaw and greens. For such a reasonable cost, the amount of food was shocking, with large pieces of chicken and amazing sides, you will definitely be kept full.

I eagerly will await my next visit to Mother Clucker and urge others to taste the magic that happens in that kitchen.