Spicing things up: ‘Worth It’ is the perfect show for foodies

Maria Nguyen, Staff Writer

Everyone has a favorite comfort food. Even from the pickiest eater to the food enthusiast, having a favorite food is something we all have in common. As a seasoned and enthusiastic foodie, my favorites are always expanding and I love learning more about cuisine around the world. 

The ultimate food show that I discovered for even the most modest food lover is “Worth It.” This web series, available on Hulu or Amazon Prime Video, is interesting, funny and family-friendly. 

This show was the perfect way for me to explore foods around the world while relaxing on my couch. Simply speaking, “Worth It” is the comfort food of shows. 

Running from 2016 to 2020, the popularity of “Worth It” has earned it the Youtube Streamy Awards for best online food show in 2017 and 2018. Produced by the media and news company Buzzfeed, the “Worth It” series stars two presenters: Steven Lim, the creator of the show, and Andrew Ilnyckyj. Every episode, Lim and Ilnyckyj pick a specific food and try it at three different places at three different prices: low, mid-range and expensive. Then, at the end of the day, they determine which one was the most worth it at its price. 

To expand their palate to include both affordable and luxury, Lim and Ilnyckyj travel all over the world to find the best restaurants. Foods in Japan, Australia, Hawaii, Canada and more promise only the highest quality ingredients. For example, Lim and Ilnyckyj tried $3 ramen versus $79 ramen in Tokyo; $16 steak versus $150 steak in Australia and $1 ice cream versus $1,000 ice cream in New York City. 

Not only do the locations and prices make it interesting, Lim and Ilnyckyj always make sure to get an inside look at the restaurant and the food ingredients, and usually have lively conversations with the restaurant owner while learning their background. After tasting the food they are served, Lim and Ilnyckyj describe in detail the taste, textures and overall aesthetic of the food, even if it is something as simple as a donut. Between the vivid descriptions, food facts and lively banter, there is never a boring conversation with Lim and Ilnyckyj, who appear as two friends tasting food across the globe from the perspective of everyday people.

Aside from the engaging presenters, the actual food on “Worth It” is enough to make the show worth watching. The crisp cinematography captures every delicious angle of the food and spares no detail. The creative angle on the prices of the foods also adds another dimension to the show — for instance, who knew that the most expensive pizza in New York City, at a whopping $2,000, is covered in edible gold? Every episode explores remarkable places and prices like this, making each review captivating and entertaining. 

“Worth It” is truly a compelling show, but at the same time relaxed and casual. Unlike stressful food competition shows, “Worth It” makes you laugh, ask questions and learn more about the types and prices of foods all over the world, as well as the different cultures and traditions, which adds an educational aspect to the show. For the food lovers who would enjoy the lively food reviewing, or for anyone that needs something fun to watch, I highly recommend “Worth It.” Watch with your family or put it on while doing homework, but make sure to grab a snack too — I can guarantee that you’ll be hungry afterwards.